Gerrard praised Henderson as a role model.

17 Apr

Steven Gerrard, the legendary Liverpool midfielder of the English Premier League club, praised the midfielder, Jordan Henderson, captain of the "Reds" as a great role model for children. After becoming anchorman in organizing a charity fund to help the National Health Office (NHS)  Henderson has done a remarkable job for a while and has received a lot of praise. And in the last few weeks he has received even more praise As a motivator for the captain of another 19 teams in the Premier League to come together to help the society during the fight against the virus Covid-19. Until the project "#PlayersTuther" (#playerstogether) to give players in the Premier League to donate money  Gerrard revealed that "I remember that he moved from Sunderland Came to be with the team as a shy young boy And his family asked me to help keep an eye on him And take care of him too He is not selfish. Whether on the field or off the field He is a player that should be played as well. Because he is very enthusiastic I tend to be the person who comes out to watch him always. Because I am satisfied with the work he is able to do with the team. "   "In terms of football, I think he plays better and better. But if we talk about it as a general person I think that what he has been able to do for the past 2 weeks has been a perfect human conclusion. He is a wonderful person. And he has become a world-class midfielder Everything he can do in this industry And every prize he received is considered worthy of him. He is a role model for many children. 

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